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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ajordan193, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. ajordan193

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    What are you all charging for leaf removal from yards?? I bag every one of my accounts and collect all the leaves how much more should i be charging for leaf removal?
  2. Natural Impressions

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    Charge by the hour accordingly. Any machines involved or are you just raking? A man hour to me is about $35.00/hr. With machines you can get alot more done so the hourly wage would be more. What were you thinking of doing?
  3. MOW ED

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    I do not call it leaf removal, its leaf control. Since you are new and have not searched on this subject I will first suggest it.
    Leaves are mulched to dust on the property, no bagging. If a customer wants them "bagged" then they can do it themselves. I will collect leaves that have been mulched on a few select properties that are high profile. They get vacuumed into the Walker and dumped at the curb for city pick up. Nothing is hauled away or put into bags. I hauled away in my early years when I didn't know better but never again. If your customers demand bagging and removal, you must know your costs and bill accordingly. I don't know your business so I can't begin to tell you what to bid. If you take any lesson from here it is; know your business. Overhead and expenses have to be paid, after that its profit. Anyone can collect leaves and do physical work, successful people know how to also run a business. Good Luck.
  4. skidmaster

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    In Rhode Island going rate is $35.00 per hour per man. It is necessary to incorporate added fuel expense and dump fees in addition to your labor rate. In rhode island it is an average of $38.00 per ton to dump yard waste. What a lot of people new to the business don't account for is time for travel to the dump, etc. There are so many costs to consider. Just remember, a lot of these people you work for pay $35.00 to get a haircut at a shi shi salon & it doesn't even phase them that your out there in the elements busting your hump to improve their property and keep it maintained. Keep going strong, don't waste your time with paperbags or insane methods of leaf removal. To get started have someone with a leaf loader suck your piles and take a cut off of each removal. Be smart with your money, save, build and invest and it will all come to fruition in the end. Remember, money doesn't sleep!
  5. LB1234

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    Also keep in mind not everyone follows this 'norm' of mulching leaves...even if we are old, young, don't know anybetter, whatever. However, yes, you need to know your expenses and charge accordingly.
  6. Darryl G

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    My fall clean-up rate is $55/hr for people on mowing agreements and $60 for others. That includes me, my Exmark LHP 52 with the Ultravac bagger, my TTHP 48 WB with JRCO tine rake, BP blowers, 10HP wheel blower, handheld shredder vac, rakes, cordura nylon tarps and whatever else the job takes.

    I bust butt and with that equipment can make pretty fast work of leaves. Most of the properties I service are on much bigger lots than the actual lawn with a wooded buffer between houses, so most of the leaves are either blow directly to the woods or bagged and dumped there. If I do haul the leaves, I bag the ground up leaves leaves into 45 gallon bags (2 bags per hopper with the Lazer) and charge per bag for hauling and disposal. If it's a big job, I'll just dump into the truck bed and charge for bulk hauling and dispo.

    For a couple of jobs, I also sub to a friend who has a leaf vac. He only charged me $50/hr last year for himself, the vac and a helper, with no dump time or fees, but he was just starting out. He actually only asked me for $35/hour but I paid him $50. He's not the most reliable guy or I probably would have had him do all my cleanups for me.
  7. LB1234

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    Does he travel...$50/hr for two people, truck, loader, and dump fee...wow is that cheap:dizzy:
  8. Darryl G

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    Sorry, I doubt he'd go to Jersey. Don't forget, he only asked me for $35/hour. I'll bet his rates have gone up since then.
  9. skidmaster

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    Boy you guys are tough. Quick to jump. I got a call an hour ago from a buddy who is also a lawnsight member and he brought it to my attention that I focked up or had a typo. He thought it was a typo.Well it was. It's $65.00 per hour. No bull shite. I'de be in the homeless shelter for that amount.Hey darryl gesner, I will go to Jersey, if you are willing to pay!

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