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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by germann, Aug 16, 2001.

  1. germann

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    We need some advice on Leaf Removal. Most of our lawns (50) are 1/4 to 1/2 acre with 1-5 mature trees in town. We have to haul the leaves off-there are no places to dump on site. Last year we used a grass and leaf gobbler. We waited until the ground was semi covered w/leaves, then would do a pickup. We ended doing 4-5 pickups on each lawn, and charged $50 per time. Failure! All the lawns had different amounts of leaves and took different times. For the most part, we were too cheap. How should we do leaf removal, and how can you charge?
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    from what i read, it sounds like you should just use the walk behind and backpack blowers, and blow all the leaves into one big pile. now heres what you may want to think about. you could buy a leaf loader and build a leaf box on your pick up and just suck the leaves up, or if you dont have enough need for one, subcontract the leaf sucking to somebody else.
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    Welcome! I see this is your first post. There is a feature at the top of the page called "search"...put in leaves or fall clean-ups and you will find volumes of information (lots of differing opinions) and even some pictures showing the results of peoples efforts...some very nice and some not so nice. I think all of your questions will be answered, if not post your questions at that time. Good Luck!
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    if you have to haul away the leaves + you don't have a leaf loader, use your mowers to push out to street chopping + mulching the leaves. try and reduce volume of leaves as much as possible,fit more in truck less trips to dump,more money:D
  5. crazygator

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    Does these customers require you to remove completely? If not then I would mulch into a fine powder and let them fertilize the ground, plus no removal. Gator mulching blades, using double blades and a mulching package for your mower can help. Maybe we have given you the info your looking for.
  6. germann

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    Should we still do 4-5 pickups per lawn, or let all the leaves come down before cleaning up? If we do 4-5 cleanups (on just the grass-not in flower beds), how can we set a price when each cleanup takes a different amount of time due to different amounts of leaves-could we charge by volume?
  7. germann

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    Most customers don't care as long as things look nice. How many leaves can you mulch into a lawn before overkill? How often should we mulch if we do so as not to bog the mower down?
  8. Premo Services

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    I used to wait until the leaves were falling real good to do cleanups also, but thought it was too hard for me and my equiptment to do this. This will be my 3rd leaf season that I am doing the leaf mulching weekly,this is done at the lawn cut price.When I have to clean the beds, etc. I charge more, until they get too thick, then I bag them. I have a eXmark turf tracer, with mulch kit, and a lazer, with ultra vac, just bought this last year. The lazer and ultra vac are real time cutters. I do not have to haul any leaves away, dispose on site, or the cities have leaf pickup. A lot of the companies on this site mulch leaves the whole season, and never have to haul away. I think you should have an hourly rate for cleaning, dumping, and a dump fee also. Isn`t there any of your properties that have wooded areas that you could put them?Hope you figure something out for the cleanups, they should be on a hourly rate, it is too hard to bid how long the job will take you.
    Mabey do a SEARCH on leaf cleanup.

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