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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by V.H. lass, Sep 16, 2001.

  1. V.H. lass

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    I am in the central VA. area. I would like to find out a better way to price leaf clean up. currently I just look at the amount of leaves on the ground but i always come out on the short end of the stick.by not charging enough. I was told by one company to look up at the trees to determin the amount left? The equipment I am using is a shindiaw handheld, shindiaw eb500 backpack blower and a billygoat 10hp push blower. it is a three man operation :confused:
  2. Shady Brook

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    I don't give an advanced estimate on leaves. If a person wants a price on leaves, I tell them at the time of removal, and not before. It is to hard to predict how many will be there when you come at a later time. Aside from the leaves remaining in the trees, leaves in many cases blow from neighboring properties and amass on the one you are doing the clean up for. You could charge them hourly, and figure in a fee for leaf disposal and such. I try to avoid giving prices, but I do leaves for mainly my grass customers, and most trust me to use my judgement. It is just to hard to predict how much effort there will be in a leaf job in advance, like what if the leaves are wet the day you come, or if it is very windy, making it harder to clean up, to many variables.
  3. Just Cut

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    I use the weelky lawn service price times it by 6, With debris deposited in adjacent field/ woods of the customers property, and addititional fee to haul debris from customers property

    MATTHEW LawnSite Senior Member
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    The extra charge needs to be TIME plus VOLUME removed.
    That way the variables will never leave you holding the short end again. I work it out to $2.00 per bag (catcher on the mower) Since I dump for free, it seems to work out for me. I usually do leaf cleanup when mowing.
  5. I don't mean to sound like a broken record but, I hit search and found 56 pages on leaves

  6. jnjnlc

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    Last year I charged by the half hour. The first half hour was more than the rest and this was my minimum. Never worked less than an hour. This is a tough one to price because usually customers wait until most of the leaves have fallen and thier about 10 inches deep. Takes forever it seems. My pricing structure worked pretty good but this year I am going to raise my rates.
  7. V.H. lass

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    Thanks guys, I was thinking $120.00 for starters not to include removal from the property. I know there are probably some old post but I wanted some one and fresh approach to the question. hopefully I can get peoplre to sign up for 4 or 5 visites during the season.
    If the lawn is covered for most of the time that 120.00 does not apply.
  8. Shady Brook

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    Wow, you must have some decent sized properties with heavy leaves. I would be stoned by my customers if I hammered them with a $120 minimum with no removal.

  9. David Gretzmier

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    we charged hourly for leaves last year. pick your rate and stick to it. Daveg

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