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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ADC Lawn Care, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. ADC Lawn Care

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    I was wanting to know what other guys use as tops for leaf trucks? I have a f-450 with a 12' dump and wanted to know the best way to make a top. Any suggestons are welcome/
  2. Greybeard

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    You mean a leaf box to raise the capacity of the truck? There are lots of threads on that if you search on this site. Some guys build them out of sheet metal and braces. I built mine out of plywood and 2x4s, with a 4x7' plywood front. There are horizontal and vertical 2x4s with a keyway for the side panels. For the sides I used sheets of plywood with 2x4 edges, 2 sheets to a side on my 14' dump. Where they join together, there is a 2x6 to cover the joint. I use 1/4" nuts and bolts to hold it together, then unbolt it all and store it against the wall in my shop till next fall. The tailgate is a sheet of plywood that swings from a horizontal pipe between the two sides, and the top is a mesh tarp. If you're using a leaf loader, you need lots of ventilation to let the air escape, or you risk blowing out the sides of the box. Good luck.
  3. Clear-Cut

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    i think he is saying that he has a dump bed already, he just needs something to cover the top of it to keep the leaves from blowing out of the dump.

    i would say some kind of breathable mesh tarp or net?
  4. yardmanlee

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    greybeard do you have pics of that leaf box you could post
    especially the tail gate area ?
  5. baddboygeorge

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    they breathe well an work great for leaf work! Easy to access inside of box if you need to put in branches that ya pick up as well!!
  6. DuallyVette

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    I like mine. search for an old thread.

    D Vac Face sma.jpg
  7. wahlturfcare

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    i made mine out of bent galvanized piping(u shaped) and cover it with mesh. It works great with no wind resistance and it breaths great.
  8. mmacsek

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    To answer the original question use a mesh tarp and bungee cord to the sides. The tarp needs to overhang the sides,all 4, so the leaves don't blowout. This works great if you're using a leaf loader. I have the same size truck and used this setup with a Lesco 16hp loader. The sides have 1/2" plywood that stays on year round. I know my setup isn't as elaborate as some but it works. The tarp was purchased at Northern Tool. Hope this helps. Matt
  9. rootslawnservice

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    I just made my dump trailer into a leaf trailer. I used this stuff called hardware net, its galvanized steel. Strong,won't rust, breaths, then I used aluminum door screen over that. The only thing that get out is dust. It looks clean, no over hanging tarp and bungies.
  10. G.M.Landscaping

    G.M.Landscaping LawnSite Senior Member
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    That sounds like a good idea...any pics?

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