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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Lake'Lawn Care, Jan 18, 2003.

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    I'm always looking for new ideas and/or equipment to make the leaf removal season more profitable. Has anyone used any of these products for leaf cleanup:Giant-vac (large area trail vacuumn), or the toro 4800 turf sweeper, or the smithco sweepstar, or the gravely tow behind lawn vac. Info and opinions on any of these products would be greatly appreciated. I currently use a trac-vac, but as we know they plug up in wet conditions. I'm looking for something very powerful, fast, and with the ability to vacumn and mulch leaves in all conditions. Thanks
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    You wont be unhappy with the vac you described it will make your leaf cleanups much faster. A good leaf cleanup settup is 2 backpack blowers, 1 walk behind blower, 2 tarps, several rakes, leaf loader. I have a 16hp billgoat leaf vac forsale if your interested e-mail or PM me.
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    hello ya wanted to know about those big tow behind vacs i have one its an older giant vac with a 65 h.p. continental engine with a 14 inch in take an 12 inch exit . i would not operate without this unit its so much quicker an never clogs , they are awesome units .my leaf set up includes to crews each crew has a loader ( i have one big one tow behind an one small one tail gate loader) each crew has walk blowers, back packs,rakes, an tarps . usually 3 guys to a crew an i have 2 men on back packs getting the leaves out of the beds, trees , around fences etc. an then i have 1 man on the walk blower directing the leaves to the loader. very quick process. one some bigg properties that i do i also use my ztr,s with leaf plows to quickly move piles of leaves to my loader . i have been using these process for 8 years now an i would not do it any other way .as far as the turf sweepers go they are nice just very expensive. hope this helps ya any questions feel free
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    I am considering the giant vac lawn vacuum. More so for the hose attachment to get in cellar steps and window encasements.

    I have a 16 hp Mi T Vac truck loader and all the push blowers and back packs I need. Just that one addition would make it easier.

    I double up with another member here and it makes it faster with 2 people rather than one.

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    All you need for a successful leaf removal is a backpack blower, a mulching kit on a wb or rider, and a bagging kit on another wb or rider...Blow leaves out of beds, gutters, etc... and begin running over leaves with mulching kit...If they're deep, you might have to run over a couple of times and then just run over the leaves with the bagger...A large yard full of leaves can be broken down into a couple of trashbags and will take less than an hour....When you're done, you're not worn out (because you didn't have to pick up a rake or pull a tarp) and the yard looks great....I've done them both ways and the mulching-bagging method is more profitable and looks better than a raked yard...Clean-Cut
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    Looks better than a raked yard? Come on now!!!

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    What does a raked lawn look like? I have never raked one..well, maybe when I was a kid at home.:D

    A couple a bp's and a Walker will do just fine for me.
  8. You need one of these

    ihc #1 with vac.jpg
  9. One of these, and a back pack blower.

    lazer n peco.jpg
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    I bet you can do some nice wheelies with that thing!:D

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