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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by thecuttingedgelawn, Oct 30, 2012.

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    I currently maintain a decent sized foreclosed property for a bank. The total Lot size is in the 21,500 sq ft neighborhood. The bank has asked me to bag all of the leaves up. I'm going to mow over it first then bag 2nd swipe. What could I expect to reasonably add for this service? The bank is very understandable and lets me pretty much name my own price so I am a little flexible here. I honestly don't bag much unless I am asked to, so as a result don't do it very often. I have a huge bagger for my walkbehind and will be dumping them into my dump trailer. I mulched them the last time I was there so there shouldn't be a tremendous amount there but still needs bagged. What are your thoughts guys? Thanks for the input!

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    If I was bagging them into a lawn bag my going rate is between 5 & 8 bucks a bag. 5 if they fill quick and 8 if you have to work at it. Since you're dumping them into the back of your truck, depending on how many trees they have, 100 ~ 120. Guesstimate. Have to figure in dump rates if you don't have anywhere free to dispose of them.
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    I have a free place to dump them close by, and it won't take any work to unload them...going in a dump trailer.

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