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leaf removal

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i am thinking about starting to offer leaf removal this fall and was wondering if it was possible to do leaf removal on an entire yard with just bowers or is it just to time consuming? thanks :rolleyes:
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The only way i could see it not being WAY TOO time consuming is if you were doing postage stamp size lots, using a walk behind blower, and leaving at the curb....

Otherwise you need a vac unit on your mower.
Thats the way we do it.... Blowers, then suck up the piles with the giant vac. Clean it all up with the ultra vac afterwards:D
I use 'just blowers' and it does take a while. I refuse to mow over leaves, and most of the cleanups I do are in the city where they pick the leaves up off the street. You just have to charge accordingly. Or get a wb blower.

We do all our houses with blowers, we usually run a couple push blowers and a couple backpacks and use the mowers to push the piles. Then we vac it up into the truck and clean up with the ultra vac. The houses we do are pretty big, most are 1-2 acres but there are about a dozen or so houses that are 3-6 acres. I couldn't imagine trying to vac them all up with the mowers you'd be there forever.
No, you wouldnt be there forever. After you blow everything onto the turf, go over the thick spots with the mower. Than come back through with the vacs.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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