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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by jlc31, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. jlc31

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    Can anyone tell me how to bid out leaf removal projects.
    Jeff Smith
    Jeff's Lawn & Landscape
  2. Lech615

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    I best way to bid the jopb is how much time you estimate it will take you to complete the job. If you have to dump the leaves you may want to include a dump feeas well. If you have no idea at all how many hours it will take you, then tell the cusomer you will charge x amount per hour. I find it easier to estimate time and give a total amount. Customers get alittle weary about per hour chrages because they have no definate answer about the cost. If this is your first or one of them. Try and guess the amount of hours, then time yourself as you do it and use the job as a basis for future jobs. Just my 2 cents. Hope it helps.
  3. paponte

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    I always bid leaves at a per hour rate, plus dumping fees. Dumping fees I would just figure by how much the truck is filled. As far as estimating, give them the time you think it will take. Just make sure they FULLY understand that it may be more. If so, they will be charged more. :cool:
  4. DFW Area Landscaper

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    We won't get as much leaf removal opportunities here in the DFW area as those east of us, but I'm curious about one thing.

    I have next to no experience with leaf removal.

    Here is my experience: Two of my fraternity brothers went door to door in college asking for leaf raking jobs. They finally got some guy who agreed to pay them $20. They spent hours on that job with a rake and trash bags. I seem to remember they filled over 40 trash bags the first day. Came back three days later and more leaves had fallen such that they couldn't tell what they'd done. Not sure if they ever finished that project or not.

    Last fall, on Thanksgiving weekend, I had made the decision to enter the landscaping business in January. So, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, I grabbed the mother in law's rake and a roll of trash bags. I was out there about 5 hours and filled about 30 trash bags if I recall correctly.

    Some leaves are deeper than others. Otherwise, it might be pretty easy to figure a price based on square footage. But that won't work because a few inches of leaves doesn't compare with leaves that are more than ankle deep.

    Is there a standard expectation as far as how many 33 gallon trash bags should be filled per hour per man? Is there a standard price per 33 gallon trash bag? I was thinking maybe $6 per 33 gallon trash bag if I leave them on the property. And even more if they want the trash bags removed from the property.

    Either that or quote an hourly rate, which may scare too many prospects off.

    Any thoughts on this?

    DFW Area Landcaper
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  6. landscaper3

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    We do the same as paponte does! That way you dont get hurt becuse something always comes up!
  7. paponte

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    Trash bags? Rakes? I should have checked the date, I didn't realize it was written B.C.. :D Ya got me on the trash bag question. They are a waste of time to me. Blow 'em in a pile and suck 'em up. However long it takes us... it takes. That's why you bill hourly. :cool:

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