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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Tobe Lawn Care, Sep 4, 2004.

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    Starting to get ready for fall and was wondering what everyone is using. We are using a modified Bluebird vac on 1 of our Bobcat ztr's and looking @ a dump from the seat model for our other ztr. Looking hard at the Hasty vac system and wondered how the dump from the seat systems work. i.e. Peco, etc. . .

    Also need info. on truck loaders. We will have to go w/a tailgate
    mounted unit. So far the Little Wonder unit looks the best. How much hp do you need and how often do they plug?
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    I'll just comment on the tailgate mount loader part of your post.

    I would strongly recommend a different mount. Either a swing away hitch mount, or mount it on the front of the trailer.

    I have a tailgate mount, and it's a pain in the ass! You have to remove it to empty the truck. When the box is packed full, the arms that go over the tailgate now have leaves packed around them. Very hard to get it off then.

    Plus it was a whole big ordeal trying to figure the doors out. The doors and the loader get in the way of each other and you have to figure a way to make it all work.

    This fall I will just be mounting the loader on the front of my trailer. I was trying to avoid this so I didn't have to take the trailer with me to just suck up some leaves. But having it on the tailgate proved to be much more trouble then it was worth.

    A swing away hitch mount set up to still be able to pull a trailer is the best system IMO.
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    Thanks for the info. Does someone actually make a swing-away kit that lets you pull a trailer? I was also thinking of mounting it on the trailer and running flex hose to the box.
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    you can buy or have fabricated a "double" receiver hitch that has 2 - 2" receiver tubes stacked. This is usually an insert that goes into your existing hitch. THe trailer tongue goes in the bottom tube and the loader mount goes in the upper tube.....


    I think the Northern Catalog has them...
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