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leaf rigs

JTS Landscaping lawn

LawnSite Senior Member
i am looking for ideas on how to put a leaf box or something on my trailer looking for ideas and pics of some your guys leaf rigs. i have a 20ft gooseneck thought about doing half leaf box and loader. then i still have room for couple mowers. let me know


LawnSite Bronze Member
Cape Cod, MA
I use a 6 x 10 dump trailer, with a 16 hp Billy Goat loader mounted on the front. The trailer is built up with plywood and a painters tarp to cover the top, so air flows out of box when loading.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
For that type of setup, alot of guys just put higher plywood sides on the fron halk or third of their trailer and load their leaves in there. Then all they do to undoad them is pull their equipment off and pull their tarps out or whatever method they use to dump (some guys use layered tarps).

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
We never use the trailers. Just put sides on a few pick ups and the dump.

Bunton Guy

LawnSite Silver Member
charlotte nc
I have a 7X14 dump trailer with 5 foot metal sides, 16hp billgoat vac mounted on the front hanging from the top. Mesh tarp mounted over metal bars that are bent in a U shape to form a (sp?) conastoga wagon style top.

Holds 23 yards of leaf mulch....we use it in the spring & summer in our landscape installs as compost! get paid twice for our leaves ;)