Leaf season....uuugggghhhh!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evan528, Oct 31, 2001.

  1. Evan528

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    Stone, I garentee you, you couldnt mulch those leaves!!! Just from blowing out all the perimiter beds in the back yard i had 2-3 ft of leaves around the perimiter of the back yard. My guess is that you would need to go over this lawn about 8 times with double blades to mulch those leaves to an eceptable size....and even that would be useless because it wouldnt mulch the acorns and sticks everywhere! Btw, why is that the wrong mower for the yard? If it fits...I use it!
  2. Runner

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    What picture are you refering to? What post is it in?
  3. mklawnman

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    Hey Runner
    Well ok i wasnt doing things the best way. I was by myself this morning and yeah i know about the tarping i have done that but with one person its a bit tough. but anyhow alot of the leaves were in the beds so i raked and blew them out to the grass then raked them to a pile and raked them into the trailer. Ok not that productive nor efficent but im in the learning stages, only 18. Yeah i agree with the ZTR on blowing them to a road to clean them up but i just really never thought about it. the other sucky thing is that today had to be a windy day, what joke trying to rake the leaves up into the trailer blew everywhere. Well im learning i know next year ill be doing it differently, u've been in the business for sometime,
    im a rookie:D
  4. Evan you made the mistake of doing too much at one time. You should have let the beds go until the next visit.

    How may days ago did you mow that property?

    You have to get to these jobs right after the big leaf drop. You can't let them build up to a point of the job you posted.
  5. thelawnguy

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    I do it all the time, with leaf cover heavier than that shown in the photo. and it doesnt matter if ita a calm day or a gale is blowing, they are all dust in the time it takes to mow the lawn, but with no trimming.

    You can not make a living if you are so anal-retentive that you MUST get every fleck of debris up. Reality, 30 sec after you leave, the neighbor's leaves have already begun to blow across the property, and will do so til next April.

    I am willing to bet, all you guys who insist it cant be done have not tried it. And once you take that first forkful of crow and see how it works there will be another leaf vac for sale in the Penny saver.
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    Gind them. If the mower just plows them because they are too high, I just do a wheelie on my w/b over the leaves, and then make another normal pass. I grind leaves, and OCCASIONALLY to fall clean ups, and then do a final clean up after almost every leaf has fallen.
  7. summitgroundskeeping

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    I love fall. Best weather here (except when the wind blows), right Eric. Extra money comes in. I may sound gay saying this but, but a like all the pretty colors ( hey I'm a horticulture major). I get to play w/ evern more toys every day. Fall is great.
  8. Grapevine

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    What a crock of s..t .. Yeah, I've got a for sale on my leaf loader right now.. give me a break.
  9. thelawnguy

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    Agreed. Share with us your experiences mulching leaves...or maybe that's what you were referring to...
  10. summitgroundskeeping

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