Leaf season....uuugggghhhh!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evan528, Oct 31, 2001.

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    I tried grinding up some leaves at one of our condos in a wide open area that I would normally open up the back of the Walker anyway. This is an old monastery that was converted to condos about 25 years ago. Trees are huge ( mostly Oaks and Maples) and drop a ton of leaves. I used a 48 Exmark with a 14 Hp Kawi and brand new mulching blades. I went over it about 3 times, took me way too long and it looked like crap when I was done. We ended up going over it with the Walkers, and sucking it up into the truck which is what I should have done to begin with. We don't have curbside leaf pick up in these parts. Maybe I'm too fussy, but I won't have my properties looking like that.
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    Im with you GrapeVine. I live in a town that does offer leaf pickup but next year when I go after leafs Im definitely getting a truck Vac and hauling them away. How professional does it look if you leave them and then they all blow away. Im not into mulching them either. I dont think its good for the grass. What is a good truck vac to get
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    hey I'm done up here in MN.
    We cleanup every job every time were there
    All my 70 yards look good.
    Might go back and mulch a litte of some new leaves though

    Are you guys almost donw
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    I have done it both ways,grind them,and bag them.If you are coming every week,I just bag the fronts of commercials,the backs,i mulch/grind if they are big areas.If i skip a week,and its thick,ill grind/mulch it once,there are lots of leaves,then ill bag it.If its thick turf,I can just mulch it again,and 90% of the leaves are turned to dust.I have been trying to grind them more this year,than bag to save on my back.For the final cleanup,I usually just grind them up/doubl cut ,and that looks great if the turf is thick.If i bag with gatots/low lifts,the leaves are reduced to dust in my bagger,so i can fit a lot of them this way.I would never,ever ,let a yard get so out of control that it takes you sll day to clean it up,I like regular visits in the fall,it looks better,and its easier in the long run.
  5. It's painfully obvious that you did not have the machine set up operate properly.

    In order for a belt drive to work you need good belts and have them properly adjusted. A can of belt dressing used on the transmission and deck belt on a daily basis at the first job every morning will increase the overall production throughout the day.

    BTW if you still have that 32" Toro I have two 21"s that I could trade.
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    I challenge you to show a pic of turf with heavy leaf covering & a 32" swath through a partial section. I never had any luck with the 32" & I find it hard to believe it was the belts. That big blade just wouldn't spin in thick leaves.
    Can you get a gator or Atomic for it now?
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    heres how i do my cleanups i blow out all beds on the property then blow all leaves from customers curb or street blown on to there property next blow all driveways clear of leafs anywhere there leafs i blow back onto turf i mulch over them make one pass first going really fast grinding all heavy leaves up then ill blow everything that is left back into a pile grind it a again than for that spotless look i ground blow the entire property and just blow all left over tiny mulch into one big pile and just bag that crap.i may use a rake and shovel like 5 times thats it .
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    Bufalinoland, Billy Goat makes a 16 Hp Truck Loader that will suck the boots off your feet if you get too close to it. I've been using an 8 hp Loader for about 9 or 10 years. Have replaced a couple of engines, impellers and a bunch of other stuff, but there's no way I'd be in this business this time of year without it. The drawback to the 16 Hp (besides the price) is it's heavy as a bastard and you might need to retro fit the truck so you won't have to lift it off on a daily basis to dump.
    Check out Alamia.com and see what they've got, I've had pretty good luck with them.
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    "I've been using an 8 hp Loader for about 9 or 10 years. "

    The 8hp with its pathetically small intake is a waste of time and energy. You would be better off selling that to a scrub and upgrading to a larger-frame 11 or 16hp unit, otherwise you may as well stick with tarps and trash cans.
  10. Grapevine

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    Hey Lawnguy, thanks for the input, but we get along just fine with our pathetic little machine. Stick to your leaf grinding (or whatever it is you do) and I'll stick to what I do. I've got a feeling you've got time wasting down to a science.

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