Leaf Spot or Melting-out???

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by mgoodin, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. mgoodin

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    Hello everybody ... I am looking for some advise/thoughts on my lawn situation. We've had plenty of rain lately and I've followed the Scott's lawn program this year using steps 1 and 2 (crabgrass and weed control). I was prepared to use step 3 (summer guard). I took a close look at my lawn and see what might be fungus of some type. Overall the lawn looks okay but it could be better:) Will summer guard help and/or should I drop some anti-fungus, etc.?

    I found this link on Penn State's web site regarding lead spot and melting-out:






  2. Whitey4

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    Loks like rust to me, although if you were using the Scotts program, rust doesn't like nitrogen, and Scotts has a lot of N for sure. Still, looks like rust to me.... apply a fungicide labeled for rust.
  3. mgoodin

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    Thanks for the input! I don't see any color flaking/rubbing off the blades. Is it good/okay to apply summer guard and anti-fungus applications at the same time?
  4. Whitey4

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    Do the fungus app first,,,, wait two weeks, then the Summer guard.
  5. mgoodin

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  6. Frank Fescue

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    i dont see rust. i see leaf spot, seriously if you wanted a picture perfect example of bipolaris leaf spot on kentucky bluegrass you got the pic.. and if you're interested in seeing what melting out looks like, follow the previous directions and load the lawn with N from the summerguard. that'll give you some plotched crowns and a helluva mess to deal with. use heritage if you can get it, its money for leaf spot. see what grows out and drop some organic low N fert down in a few weeks.
  7. mgoodin

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    Thanks Frank ... I considered lots of N might cause a few issues!:)
  8. Whitey4

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    Well, I am reluctant to rag on Scotts too much, as I worked for them, I would actually NEVER use any combo product of theirs... all have way too much N. The step 4 is decent, as it's a straight fert, just cut the rate in half.

    I seperate my apps, except for my spring pre-M application. Using a Scotts combo product means you have to use it at the suggested rate for the AI to work, and then that means too much N. Unless I can diagnose an insect problem, I don't use any insecticide apps at all.
  9. mrkosar

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    i see more leaf spot which should be turning into melting out now with the temps rising.

    rust you can really see the postules? that cling to the grass blades. your boots will have a distinct orange color to them after walking through the lawn.

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