Leaf unloading???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ParkerLawn, Oct 13, 2003.

  1. ParkerLawn

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    I have read all the threads on getting the leaves up but how do you get them out of the boxes after you have loaded them? Do they pull out with a pulley type system or can you blow them out?
  2. walker-talker

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    Put the clutch in, pull the PTO lever out, let the clutch out and give 'er a little gas and the way they go.
  3. sbvfd592

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    in other words a dump boddy... sometiems u need a pich fork to get them out of the box if they are wet.
  4. mike9497

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    1895 installed by EZ dumper

    im000152 (2).jpg
  5. Rich's Lawn Care

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    cheeper then a dump truck

    my pictures0002.jpg
  6. bastalker

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    Get yerself a load handler......Makes quick unloadin, if ya dont have a dump.. Did the pitch fork thing last year, an I wont ever do it again. I got a dump this year, but a load handler is the best investment if ya dont have a dump....Crank the leaves off!
  7. Green in Idaho

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    Lay a heavy tarp down first. Then when you dump, you rake/pull enough out to get the weight where you can pull the tarp out. For about a $20 of tarps, a good rake (below) and 5 minutes on each trip one can 'get-by' without an expensive dump bed. Although I will agree a dump is worth the money. Just if you can't get one, use a tarp. If the tarp is long enough at the end you can was it up to make a handle and pull! With a good slide on the truck bed bottom-- one can pull a HUGE load of leaves out in just a few seconds- weight is the issue, the leaves and YOURS. :)

    My favorite leaf/mulch/crud removal tool is the McLeod rake.

    It has enough weight to penetrate wet leaves, enough surface to pull some volume out, stands up by itself when not in use, has a flat side for final cleaning of the trailer/truck bed, and it's tough enough to last forever!

    An Internet search will getcha one.

  8. Team Gopher

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