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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by JamesLawnsNY, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. JamesLawnsNY

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    Hello all I am new to this site and I want some opinions on my lead vac set up. I recently bought a 18hp Billy goat debris loader for my dump trailer that is 12x7 downeaster dual axles with a 8000lbs payload capacity.

    I need to know how tall to build the sides on the trailer for what this trailer can hold (weight). If anyone knows how much a cubic yard of leaves wet and dry weigh that would help.

    Obviously I would like to built it as tall as possible to fit as much as possible.

    Also If anyone has any experience with this same set up or something similar please let me know things that worked out good and things you would do differently.
  2. Cjames808

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    10 ft. Leaves don’t weight much.
  3. Mow-Daddy.com

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    I've never weighed my trailer with it full of leafs. But it is single axle 3000#
    When I have it completely filled medium wet leafs from debris loader I've bottom out the springs. Its 7'-2" x 12' x 6' so doing the math it is very roughly 5.75 lbs per cubic foot of damp leafs ground and compacted .
    Best I can guess for you?
  4. JamesLawnsNY

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    Ok awesome thanks man that helps! A lot
  5. JamesLawnsNY

    JamesLawnsNY LawnSite Member
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    I think I will be doing 10' or close to that, thanks!

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