Leaf Vacuum recommendations?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Jaybo700R, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Jaybo700R

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    Starting to shop for a leaf vacuum. With initial searching there is conflicting info on so many models and applications. Here is my scenario: 2+ acres of heavily wooded lawn. about 80 oak trees and the rest in orchard type trees. I am in Oregon so the leaves are going to be mostly wet for a good part of the season. I have a Hustler Super Duty 60" deck with the 25hp Kawi motor. Have looked at the DR series and the Cyclone. I also see Agri-fab, Brimly, and a couple others out there I can't recall the names of. It seems like the DR is the most heavily advertised, but the Cyclone is right up there too, The others seem to suffer from poor design and have more "issues". Right now my son takes care of the leaves with a big backpack blower and tarping them off to a corner of the property.

    I may use my Kubota with belly mower for this as I keep my Super Duty set up for mulching (5 acres mowed total)

    What would you pro's do in my shoes?
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    Cut down some trees lol
  3. Jaybo700R

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    Not helpful! :hammerhead: I like the trees, just hate the leaves!
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    1. why not just buy the bagging system for that mower?

    2. or buying the 18hp billygoat leaf blower and the jrco leaf plow. or just the billygoat.

    3. you really need to watch on what other bagging systems you put on that mower besides the hustler bagging system. most likely hustler would put some kind of weight system on the front of the mower to prevent it from flipping backwards, based on the volume and weight they believe you could get into their bags. so if you were to get lets say the dr and don't have those weights or even if you buy them and its not enough you could flip or come close to it.

    why not call a lawn care company in your area and ask them to do some paid consulting and have them tell you how, why and with what they would do your leafs and have them help you make a game plan for you doing your leafs. I have done this a few times for home owners in my area.
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    We use the Cyclone Rake on lawn tractors and our lawns are hilly and had to add weight to the nose of the tractor to keep the wheels on the ground when the leaves are wet.Tractor was JD 485 AWS. Found out zero turn mower worked best with the Cyclone Rake. We used the dual wheel kit to keep from rutting when wet. Demoed some other brands had trouble with jackknifing.The Clyclone rake is a long package remember it adds almost 8 feet to the rear of the mower.
  6. Stan MI

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    Can't help with the "wet" part but heres what I did and what I do now.
    I have a Toro Z28 and a 5HP trac vac leaf vac with cart.

    When I first got both I pulled the trac vac over the leaves and cut and vacuumed at the same time. I mow a little less than 10 acres with varying degrees of trees. I dumped and dumped and dumped the trac vac. Now, I cut first, clean up second. First I mow around all the trees then mow over the leaves a couple of times to cut them up as small as possible, (yes I have mulch blades.) Now I only have to empty the trac vac a couple of times. Much less of a hassle with the number of bails of leaves coming out of the vac and what to do with them. It's also a lot faster not pulling the trailer around the trees.

  7. Stan MI

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    Should have added, "Trac Vac" is a great company to work with for parts. I had to get a new clip that holds one of the tubes on. They put two in the mail to me, best part......... No Charge !

    That's customer service !!!!
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