Leaf Vacuums worth the Investment?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ottawa Lawn and Yard, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes LawnSite Fanatic
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    They're a great investment...assuming there isn't snow covering the leaves that need to be sucked up.
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  2. No gloves

    No gloves LawnSite Senior Member
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    are your shrub clippings on concrete?had little luck with clippings on grass,leaves were good.clippings varied in size and some larger cuts with hand pruning. had the crapsmam also
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  3. OP
    Ottawa Lawn and Yard

    Ottawa Lawn and Yard LawnSite Member
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    Thanks landscaper22, our city does pick however they won't pick up loose leaves, it must be bagged. Mulching them as much as I can is what i've been doing for them most part, but I was just looking for a more faster and efficient alternative, but yeah love the old BR 600. Thanks for the feedback
  4. OP
    Ottawa Lawn and Yard

    Ottawa Lawn and Yard LawnSite Member
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    Thank you 2Cylce, I'll have to look into the Cratsman as well, i appreciate your feedback
  5. OP
    Ottawa Lawn and Yard

    Ottawa Lawn and Yard LawnSite Member
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    Thank you Mark, I'm taking that you own one or have experience with one of these machines? We only had one snowfall in November, that snow is pretty much gone and I'm still getting calls for leaf cleanups and we're in December, but that'll only last for so long. Thank you for your feedback
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  6. OP
    Ottawa Lawn and Yard

    Ottawa Lawn and Yard LawnSite Member
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    On some properties yes, on some properties I have no choice but to pick up and bag, so I'm looking into making the investment, If can avoid bagging that would be ideal. Thanks for your feedback ArTurf, I very much appreciate it.
  7. ggb6259

    ggb6259 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Mower Bagger or TracVac Mark? I still torn after getting the pull behind.
  8. redmax fan

    redmax fan LawnSite Bronze Member
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    this is right on . mulch em up into smaller peices , say go over lawn 2 / 3 / 4 times , then bag them .
  9. kemco

    kemco LawnSite Silver Member
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    On the lawns we do you would get about 8ft with the largest ztr bagger or walker type setup you can find before having to dump it.

    My leaf rig box for my loader holds 840 cubic ft of material. Loader supposedly reduces 10 to 15 to one depending on type of leaf, moisture etc. One job we did today filled the box up twice. This is on the larger end but not uncommon for us. So on the low end of reduction about 3200 to 5000 cubic feet of leaves were removed. Not sure how much a bagger holds.

    Edit... My apologies I'm probably mixing up leaf vac and leaf loader. I saw it a minute after I posted. But still...
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  10. RigglePLC

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    Darn. Big job. Yes, mulch them into the turf about 3 times before the pickup.
    Someone has to invent a bagger that is made mostly of thin plywood with vents and a hinged door on the back. It should fill up with crushed leaves and be rectangular--so that it exactly fits a leaf bag.
    In theory, you could slide a "bale" of leaves out the back--and ease it directly into a paper leaf bag.
    Think of a way to push the leaves from the mower side--so the the compact "bale" would come out the back.
    Best if you can think of a way to back onto your trailer--pop the pellet out the back. And go.

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