Leaf Vacuums worth the Investment?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Ottawa Lawn and Yard, Dec 2, 2019.

  1. OP
    Ottawa Lawn and Yard

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    Thanks so much for the update, that really helps me out a lot
  2. CJ's Mowing Service

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    I looked at the DRs too. They make quality stuff for sure!! Kind of went at this as an “entry” buy, then see what I like/don’t like. And I appreciate it. Leaves aren’t my favorite, but they keep you busy sometimes.
  3. G-Jacobsen

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    I do use the billy goat. My crew is convinced they can do it quicker with the rakes and tarp so it hasn't seen as much action this year.
  4. 1620cwj

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    I had one 20 years ago. it did the job but my unit kept throwing a chain. the units are slow so your time will be running against you. if your customer allows and where possible, blow and dump as much into woods as you can and spread around to look decent. i would be looking at a good collection mower or mulching mower to cut down on your the amount you have to pickup. consider you may have to haul leaves in some communities, you need a truck to haul them.

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