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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by TJLC, Jul 22, 2004.

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    I now have hydro fluid leaking from my 1 year old TTHP. It seems to be comming from the top and flowing down over the sides. My dealer replaced the cap and it didn't seem to work. They are working on it now but I was just wondering what you guys thought it could possibly be and has Exmark had problems with this ?. Now I noticed that my 2 year old TTHP is now leaking also from the top. Thanks for any help and thoughts you can give on this.
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    If all your seeing is a little residue it's probably normal. The caps are vented and the escaping air will often carry small amouts of oil or oil vapor with it causing the residue. If however you see liquid flowing our or squirting out it's probably an issue with air ingestion. Air ingestion is caused by not filling the hydro filter when you service the hydro system or due to some type of a leak on the suction side of the hydro system. Air will also cause the hydros to make noise or whine when running.

    If one or both of these units has a steel hydro tank rather than the current aluminum tank you may want to make sure the orange seal/gasket is still in the cap. Often when a leak is spotted an operator will overtighten the cap causing the gasket to roll from the cap and fall into the tank.


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    Thanks, Terry. My 2 year TTHP is in the shop now being checked out. My 1 year old TTHP was leaking but has stopped now. I checked the fluid level first thing in the morning and it's about 1" below the cold mark. Dealer said it was ok to run it like that, so I am. Really have no choice at this point. Both my main machine and backup CAN'T be down at the same time, I would be out of business. Thanks again for your advise and help.

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