Leaking Hydro pump

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by slong1958, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. slong1958

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    Hi everyone
    I've got a 05 Navagator that's leaking hyd.fluid around the front of both pumps it's not much just gets damp and nasty.Its leaking from around the small plate on top.I talked to a exmark mechanic and he said there was a paper thin gasket there that only comes in a complete gasket seal kit that cost around 80.00.Does anybody know of a place to purchase this part only.

  2. ricky86

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    Thats not a gasket. It's a shim to adjust charge pump displacement, and I've never seen one used.
    Hydro-Gear seal kits are about 30.00 at the most.
  3. slong1958

    slong1958 LawnSite Member
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    Hi everyone can somebody please help me identify the hydro pump no my Navigator.I think it's a Parker but not sure.The exmark number is 116-2441
    12 cc e-type.Im trying to find a seal kit that I can afford.The only place they leak is around the front oval shaped plate.


  4. BigFish

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    I could be mistaken, but they look to be Hydro-Gear units. you need to get a light and see can you read any numbers on the label/s.
    At any rate, that is not a "plate". It is the charge pump. You pull it off and it should have an O ring sealing it. It also has the pump gears and a small spring and ceramic ball check valve that absolutely has to go back in the correct place and order. Also the pump hsng has to go back the same way.
  5. piston slapper

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    Yeah Fish....those pumps look like BDP-10A pumps...
  6. DR J

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    Should be able to get a o ring at a hydro gear dealer if they want to do the leg work for u and not sell u a whole kit. Take all the numbers off the pump though.

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