Leaking Transmission

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by mikbro, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. mikbro

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    Fellas, I went tonight to look at a 36" Lesco WB. The mower is leaking grayish oil/grease from the transmission. Could anyone tell me what is wrong and possibly how costly it would be to repair it? Mike
  2. jkason

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    If this thing has a Peerless tranny, the grease will weep out around the shafts and near the brake disc.
    It's normal, and there's nothing you can do about it, other than clean the grease off when it gets heavy. (There's no seals in it.)
  3. mowermankevin

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    You didn't mention year model or hours but if its leaking at the bottom, the new tranny is $200, but wait that's not all. The couplings that slide on the tranny output shafts and the shafts going out to the drive pulleys might as well be replaced also. Check the bearings that hold the shafts out by the pulleys too cause your going to have to pull all that to get the tranny out anyhow. If grey goo is coming out, that's metal filings, cause the trannys are packed with black grease, so it's not sounding good for that Peerless, $300 from www.j-thomas.com or 1-800-828-7980 (ask for a catalog) and you'll be back into mowing. Their selling what is called a 9 spline shaft conversion that is holding up real well for all my guys, I'd get it instead of the stock 32 spline.

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