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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by rburke, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. rburke

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    I had an irrigation system installed several weeks ago using Hunter pgp heads and Irritrol 2400T valves. The water supply is well water. I've had a problem with one zone that usually will not completely shut off. My installer is very responsive and shows up every time I call him but I really don't think he knows what is causing it. He has thus far cleaned the valve several times, replaced the diaphram and replaced the entire valve twice (so this is the third valve). When he leaves, it is working fine. But after it sits for a few hours or overnight and then kicks on, it will continue leaking out of one or two heads until I open the manual bleed and shut it again. It is not just the draining of the water in the line. It will run all day and night until I shut it down. The flow is enough to bubble up from two heads. The solenoid appears to work fine but even that was replaced twice with the valve. Any suggestions?
  2. Dirty Water

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    The problem is Irritrol 2400T valves on well water. While they are great valves, they do very poor if you have sandy water. This is the reasion we stopped using them and went to Rainbird DVF-100's.

    You need to have a 100 mesh or so spindown filter installed on your mainline, or change to valves that can handle gritty water.

  3. Greenohio

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    Looks like dirty water answered it for you. Hope you figure it out..good luck
  4. lugnut#6

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    would that kind of filter remove iron?.....my tree trunks are orange
  5. rburke

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    Why would it be just one of 9 valves that gives me the problem? could it be that this is the last valve on the line and the sand is going straight until it gets to this valve?
  6. Wet_Boots

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    Just install the strainer. Take the sand out of the equation. A 100 mesh strainer is the best solution. Make it a stainless-steel screen, and you'll be covered no matter what.
  7. rburke

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    Thanks guys.
  8. Midlo Snow Maker

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    dirty water- that filter is awesome i use it all the time. if the sand is that bad if possible put a little 3/4" toro valve on it wire it in to a zone on a different program and have it dump out somewhere automatically if you can or you might be cleaning that sucker alot

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