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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jul 12, 2013.

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    I would like to get my hands on a measuring device of some kind. One could connect a meter to a hose bib to measure drawdown with. It would have really helped here.
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    Oh man, am I glad that cold weather is gone. During that cold snap I had 13 PRV's to install at a large HOA.
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    It's been pretty slow lately.. Which i'm enjoying!

    I've tackeled out a few jobs here and there.

    First one was a leak on the service line no water surfacing. I quickly found a buried PRV at the base of the meter that was cracked.

    On the same day I replaced a #1 shut off handle that was cracked.





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    Rough Leak job!

    I found the leak within 10 min of arriving.

    It was right at the POC going into the house ( The POC for the irrigation was right next to it)

    Apparently they had some drain issues so about 10 years ago a contractor installed some gravel... 5' thick of 1.5" drain gravel..

    The more you dig.. The more collapes... It started undermining us paver walkway and front steps.

    I build a shieeetty wall system to prevent it from falling down. It still took me 7.5 hours just to expose the piping. You wouldn't believe how frustrating it is to be inches away from the leak and then have the walls collapse again

    I didn't get a picture of the repair unfortunately.

    Apparently for Search and Rescue there is a method to buiild a wall system to help prevent an already collapsed area. I think i'm going to learn this method



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    I have a 65' water line replacement . I could have found the leak for the guy but he wants it replaced.

    Next week i'm also started a leak detection job on a HOA. For some reason the water meter and BFA are about 1400' from the main entrance of where the valves and controller is. There are no wires in this 1400' section of ML and it crosses one driveway. The entrance is where the red lights are




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    Cut the bottom out of a five gallon bucket. Push the bucket into the earth as you are cleaning the debris out. Once you dig just below the bucket the bucket slides down. Repeat as needed.

    Cut the bottom out of a barrel or build a box big enough to make your repair and repeat the process while leaving the first bucket in place. When you hit grade you remove the inside bucket, you now have enough room to make your repair.

    We did the same thing using a 72" culvert and a 55gallon drum. Having a couple shop vacs going all the time helped save a pile of time. We sat the bucket of the backhoe on a timber across the culvert for constant down-pressure.

    Did I say we were 12' deep? We did two of these for canopy footings in pea gravel. Automatic shoring.
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    During the xmas break I installed a small front lighting system for my parents entry walkway and a 40'x40' shrub area next to the driveway.

    I'm still going to install a few more lights but all in all not to bad




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    GO HAWKSSS!!!!

    This was 2 weeks ago at the 49er's and seahawks :)

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    Hey Mitchell, I personally would like to say that you have started one of the best threads that I have see in a long time. With over 8,000 views, I must not be the only person following it.

    I admire your enthusiasm and dedication to saving water in your area, one leak at a time. You are a benefit to not only the company that you work for but the customers that you service and the irrigation industry in general.

    :clapping: :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:
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