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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jul 12, 2013.

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    what is your hourly charge for locating in you area? $150/hr plus? Not repairing but locating?
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    sent you a pm
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    Nice job! It is always nice to hear a great success story among the go-wrongs. I always find that the hardest and most annoying jobs are the most rewarding once you finish!
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    I should really take more pictures from all the fun jobs. I'm attempting to have a personal life which is such a battle with everything that I do..

    Irrigation system had a ML Leak but not surfacing. I accoustically tracked it down in the middle of the driveway - a bad bell ending glue joint in the sleeve.

    Look what I found when I started exposing one of the sides. This isn't where the leak is even at it's 20' into the driveway.. One HAPPY Tree!





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    An unsual but fun diagnosis. I'm installing 7 more zones onto an exisiting 5 zone system. The flow was Horrible to the original system and I was very concerned with what the issue was.

    No Pics but a 1" Meter @63 PSI was only giving me 8 GPM after the BFA. After confirming there was no PRV and the BFA only had 4PSI loss. Also I could hear Severe restriction in water a few feet prior to the meter I called in the WD.

    The guy was super skeptic at first that it was the cities side but after a few of his own tests he confirmed as well . He'll have a contractor come out and dig up the city side line up to the main tap and redo it.

    It was nice to be able to just BS with the WD guy
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    Homeowner thought he had a leak under his driveway. Lucky for him my accoustical told me something else.

    The pavors were bordering his cement driveway

    No water was surfacing


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    You have done well to learn so much in so little time Mitch.

    A couple of years ago you couldn't spell leak detector and now you are a very good one.

    I would suggest that you take more pics and post them more often. We also have a mutual friend in Tacoma that is working hard to learn to find leaks, i wish him luck.
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    finding leaks is wicked tough...

    great business if you can find your niche...good looks.
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    all I can say is !idejim is the man, he has helped me too. nice pics man

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