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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mitchgo, Jul 12, 2013.

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    Time to enjoy the next 2 weeks off!

    Winterizing is finally over... I look forward to wintering for so long through out the year.. Then on my first day by lunch time I'm ready for something else. .. We had a week straight of 15-20 degree weather a few weeks back which caused chaos. After it thawed the leaks started showing. I don't think any of my recent repair jobs are from freeze damage other then one.

    My First one was a leak on a irrigation system main line near a valve box that wasn't surfacing. After locating all the valves and listening I found it rather quickly. 1.5" Tee Cracked going downwards into a sleeve. There were a lot of pipes and other lines in the way so it made my repair an ugly sight... What can you do huh.



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    An Easy one-

    Service line leak, The old guy was a tinker and already dug up his water meter and made his own fittings into a hose and ran the hose to his house to bypass the service line leak.

    He showed me of a previous repair 8 years ago, I listened and found it right away. 4' down though

    He had an old POC and shut off setup and I went ahead and installed a backflow assembly for him too


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    I found the leak under their driveway. 400 GPD . This setup is stupid!

    The Meter is in the middle of the driveway and the line runs up the driveway and enters into the house on the front right corner. The POC for the irrigation is in the middle of the driveway.. The first shut off prior to the back flow assembly is in a pit on the left side of the driveway, the back flow assembly is on the right side of the driveway. So whoever installed this double backed!!

    All city utilities run diagonal in the driveway and all private utilities run up the driveway so using a mole to run a new line is out of the question. The homeowners only option is to cut up the driveway.. When he does I'm going to just reroute the main line to the BFA so there is no double back

    Also I touched a pipe and a glue joint popped off.. Same job but unrelated to the original issue .


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    This place tomorrow or saturday, have to wait for the wind to die down. It's been blowing like crazy today.

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    Back on '09 we repaired a PVC service line leak that wasn't surfacing about 25' from the back flow assembly. They had a new leak

    Apparently this yard has two seperate systems-
    Since the first repair was PVC we thought the entire thing would be .. which is hard to locate .

    What I discovered was 175' service line . The first 60' crosses the states huge 10' gas line pipe with 1 1/4 PVC leading into the first BFA, Then it converts to 1 1/4 poly for about 85' and at this point there is another POC BFA for a seperate irrigation system , then converts to copper going under the driveway and into the house.

    I first dug up the first BFA closest to the meter and capped/ isolated the service line, discovering the leak was downstream. Then I began to dig up the other BFA's POC, Except it was 20' from the actual back flow assembly. I got lucky on this one and found the leak at this POC!





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    Good Luck Jim!
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    Small leak in the crawl space.. It was so freaking cramped down there I have no clue how I got in there.

    Apparently someone didn't want to go around the house for the irrigation system so they went through it. I wouldn't have a problem with this if they plumbed the water source from the house... In this situation the POC is at the meter on the street

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    Thanks Mitch. Another large site with lousy conditions.

    Did you get the text and pic I sent? That set up will save you $100.
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    I don't think I have! I haven't gotten anything from you in a couple months
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    careful which direction you pee in.

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