Leaks btween galvanized and pvc connection

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ErikWP, Apr 17, 2005.

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    I have a 1 HP pump running an irrigation system. Coming out of the pump is a galvanized elbow. Connected to the elbow is a pvc pipe which runs to the check-valve, and down to the 20-25' well point. I am having trouble stopping a leak where the pvc connects to the galvanized elbow. Any suggestions on how to stop these leaks. (I think these leaks are causin the pump to loose prime, and then it will not reprime itself.)
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    remove and replace leaking connections
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    Are you taping the thread joints adequately? I've never seen an instance where there was to much teflon tape. If you've got a bad or lose galvanized thread, put on a layer of tape and then apply a good teflon paste to the tape as well. (Don't do this on a PVC to PVC connection, you can split the female fitting real easy. I've done it with connections that were only "hand" tight.
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    ...so folks know which end is which. If the suction side of the system isn't dead solid perfect, you may not be able to keep it primed. And sometimes, everything you see will be perfect, and it still will lose prime, for reasons you can't see, and for which you don't have the tools or experience to diagnose. For the amount of time you may be spending on this, you could stand behind a counter for minimum wage and ask people if they want fries with that, then pay a pro to set it right.

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