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    My Lazer has 2 annoying minor leaks... The first is the hydro reservoir cap, it seems to always have a buildup of oil around the top of the reservoir, although the level of oil in the tank never seems to decrease.

    Next is the oil change nut (Kohler 25) mine has the right angle tube , to facilitate changing the oil. Recently (2 months), after being parked I noticed a few drops of oil on the cap and on the floor beneath it. There has been a very subtle decrease in the engine oil level.

    Is this something that can be corrected with new caps?

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    The new hydro tank/cap is better however all of our hydro caps will probably leave some degree of oil on the top of the tank. The caps are vented. As air escapes through the vent it can carry with it a small amount of oil which due to gravity drops covering the cap and top of the tank with oil. On the new style it's possible only the top of the tank will collect oil.

    As far as the ail drain about all you can do is add some teflon tape to the threads however that may require using a wrench of some type on the tubing to prevent it from backing out of the elbow when removing the plug.



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