Leaky Valve- Not Diaphragm

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ed2hess, Jul 22, 2007.

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    I had a Rainbird PEB 1 1/2" valve that was leaking and I put in a new diaphragm and it still leaked. Checked the solenoid and found the white plastic plunger was cocked. So put in test solenoid but it still leaked. Pulled the valve and found that the small white colored plastic seat in the top of the valve lid where the solenoid mates was also worn crocked.....since that is removable, wonder if rainbird would send me some of those?

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    That may not be your problem. I've had peb valves get hairline cracks in the body. Our company rule on the PEB is to cut it out if the problem is that it has started seeping. Unless of course we find an obvious problem with the diaphragm. Others may disagree so let's see.
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    We've not too many in service, except where UNIK modules are used, but
    have had zero problems...where do the cracks occur? Overtightening m.p.t.s?
    I just thought (what a concept), is the water coming out of the valve itself or firing downstream?
    A leak or crack could be tricking the valve into thinking the bleeder is open.:cry:

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    This is probably the problem. I suspect an overdose of teflon combined with over tightening. The Peb is a different resin or so it appears to me and seems more susceptible to this than some. The old HR-1 developed the same type of hairline body crack. If those are seeping we don't even mess with looking at it. Dig and replace.
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    Last week we did top end jobs on two 2" Irritrol Century Plus valves. Apparently this didn't stop the weep-by so now we'll have to remove/replace the entire valves. I'll then be able to inspect them closer but this has me perplexed because 99.9% of the time the top end with new bonnet and diaphragm will stop the weep-by.

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    It's a really small crack. Sometimes you can see a whitish area around it. Will be right at the edge where the ft meet the body.

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