Learn from my mistake... (rant warning)

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by PHS, Jun 11, 2008.

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    ...don't let invoicing get behind. I just made that mistake with what was one of my first and formerly one of my best customers.

    A quick background, I let this customer start treating me like I was on call. Calling after hours, getting me to come out and fix things on the weekends and saying just "put it on my bill". It worked fine for a long time until our relationship soured. Along with the regular extra stuff she wanted a bunch of landscaping work done and I only had 2-3hr blocks of time when I could fit her in. Between her talking and wasting my time when I was there and the wasted visits when she wouldn't leave the gate open for me when she wasn't there, delivery fees, consultation visits, etc...combined with my late invoicing (2 months+). I'm looking at a massive bill covering a long time period that really doesn't have all that much actual work to show for it that I can point to.

    To make a long story short, Since I'm super happy that she is no longer a customer I decided that instead of trying to fight a war over every dollar she owed me (many of her friends are still good customers of mine and I don't want the bad-mouthing) I cut the bill in half. Basically a very very fair price for the work that was actually done. I gave her the bill and now she's arguing over a measly 2 hours from the beginning of the invoice period because she doesn't remember them. She paid it but thinks I'm a jerk for over-charging her and I think she's a B**ch for squabbling over a few bucks considering what the bill should have been and all the wasted time and hell she put me through over the last few months.

    Sorry for the rant but I'm pissed that I brought this on myself. Losing her as a customer was inevitable and has worked out great for me, couldn't be happier. But had I been current on my invoicing I could be walking away with a hell of a lot more money in my pocket to compensate for all of the misery she caused me :).
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    give her one free cut and be done w/ it if you have other yards close by (you should).
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    Well I was going to comment and give you my .02 "BUT" I think you said it just the way I was going to.......but that does suck.
    lesson learned....
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    Well it's over with move on and try to forget about her you handled it well.

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