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I rented a power rake today with a Honda engine. Damn thing kept cutting off so I called Home Depot and asked what's the deal. It seems Honda engines have a safety device...if you're on a slope, going side to side, the oil, of course will flow downhill in the engine. There's a sensor that causes the engine to die 'cause it thinks it has no or little oil. The cure is to go up and down the hill (slope) instead of side to side. Now my question is if push mower manufacturers for safety instruct us to cut side to side on hills or slopes, why would they make an engine that won't allow that? Also, twice as much work having to go up and down the hill instead of side to side. Damn, that's a long post, huh?


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chicago suburbs
yep knew that, they make dang good engines


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Deerfield, KS
I have 2 honda 21" mowers, and have never had one shut off on a slope. Some of the honda engines do have the low oil alert, but as far as I know the horizontal mower engines don't have the alert.


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Maybe that is the problem with the Honda on our Ryan IV, it always shuts off when it isn't level, I thought it was the carburetor.