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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dr grass, Jun 28, 2002.

  1. dr grass

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    i have a client that has a field behind her house that is approx. 1.5 acres. we couldnt get to it with the mowers because of the wet spring, until a week or 2 ago. i called home depot and they said they had a brushoog to rent out. like a dummy i went ahead and bid the job along with a job behind another clients house. now im not to familiar with brushogs. i went to home depot to pick it up, and it was only 3 foot wide. they guy the rented it to me said its been getting complaints about cutting like ****. i looked at the blade and said well thats prybably the reason right there. the blade was bent like boomerrang and about as rounded as the back of the blade. i took it home and poped the blade off and tried to strighten it as best i could and put a nice sharp edge on it. we took it out and OMG! it took my guy like 3 1/2 hours to cut this field. i didnt think it would take so long and should of bid the job 3 times as much. oh well ... live and learn i guess! :p

  2. just payin to get educated

    should be a lesson you dont forget
  3. Sean Adams

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    Sounds like you should charge Home Depot to help make up your loss.
  4. dr grass

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    actually, its funny. home depot knocked 10 bucks off the bill for me sharpening the blade and fixing the throttel cable! ! lol. sometimes hard work does pay off....

  5. Hawkeye5

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    Wouldn't you think that the Home Depot guys would have looked at the blade after people complained?? Next time I would go to a regular rental dealer rather than some store that rents equipment as a sideline. As a general rule, rental equipment dealers look after their equipment and inspect/repair before renting again. I will think twice about renting from Home Depot. There are several rental equipment dealers closer anyway. JD
  6. KirbysLawn

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    You should get your money back at Home Cheapo. I rented a slit seeded in May, the gate would not close all the way and I demanded my rental money back and got it.
  7. HOMER

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    Now if the blade breaks or flys off with the next renter I guess you'll be held liable!

    I would never attempt to repair a rental company's piece of equipment.
  8. dr grass

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    homer - never thought of that! just thought id trying helping them out along with myself. i guess thats what ya get for helping people out ..... a big fat lawsuit. :(
  9. dr grass

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    i gotta start proofreading these things b4 i send em .... lol

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