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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by farmingdude, Jul 10, 2010.

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    Was having trouble with my wood splitter. Kept blowing fluid lines while splitting wood. Kept replacing lines (expensive) and kept putting hydro fluid in. The heat was just too much for lines. I bought the thinniest fluid I could find to help lubricate and keep heat down. Still no results. Discussed with local Amsoil dealer and he called the Amsoil tech rep to discuss. They recommended I use Amsoil ATF fluid!! I was dumb founded. So I tried and guess what? No more problems!!! Apparently the ATF can withstand the heat being generated by splitter and keep viscosity in range. Anyways, no more blown hoses and splitter working fine. FYI!!!
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    All most all log splitter now use ATF. This was started some years back because hydraulic fluid comes in so many types and is not easy to find some times. So manufacturers started to make log splitters that used ATF because it is very common and easy to find. All most every one has it laying around the house somewhere and there is very few stores that do not have it. I handles the heat well and pumps easy in cold weather. I have not seen a log splitter that did not use ATF in over 25 years.
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    Thats why I learned something new!!

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