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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by thedieselkid, Dec 31, 2007.

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    Can anyone reccomend any books for me and maby some other ways about learning about the design and install of water features. Thanks
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    I can't recomend any. Most all of the ones I have read seem to have been written by amateur homeowners. Over the last 15 years I have perfected my own styles and techniques that are far more effective than anything you will ever read about. The only material that may help you is the Aquascapes pond book. It is ok on the pond side of things. Sorry to say it but alot of waterfeatures is creating your own look and style. Everybody builds em differently. My best advice is to study nature. Go out and take a bunch of photos of natural waterfalls and streams, ponds and lakes. Study how the rocks look in the falls and how the water travels through them. Look at the margins of ponds and lakes and look at how the rocks look along the bank or how the plants are growing around them. I always try to mimic nature as closely as I can when building some of my features.
    Good Luck
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    It is true unfortunately that there few worthwhile books on the subject of water features. Most of the books like the Prof said are written by amateurs or are way out of date. I believe now that water features are becoming such a huge industry, that people will start publishing some decent materials. It would probably be a gold mine if someone really good wrote an up to date, unbiased, comprehensive water feature book for industry professionals.

    In my opinion, (and I am a budding water feature builder myself) that the absolutely best way to get training about water features is to attend training. If you do your homework you can find it cheap from manufacturers. In my experience the techniques are pretty universal.
    Try this website from Savio. http://howgoodcanyouget.com

    Savio is developing excellent contractor support. Their 2 day training seminars cost $129 and are incredible I think. Also your local pond shop or wholesaler might put on some pond build days.

    The last thing are the events sponsored by the water feature professional associations.

    Hope that helps.

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