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Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by jonathanone, Jan 29, 2011.

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    Getting some good info on propane engines, here is what I have learned (forgot to ask if I could quote the source so I will only post the info)

    Vapor withdrawal is the best system for smaller engines, fewer moving parts in the carb, larger engines-30hp and up-need the liquid withdrawal system, complicated but this is the only way to develop higher hp.

    Any engine can be converted but for longevity the engine MUST have hardened exhaust valve seats, hardened exhaust valves and a cylinder liner. With these the converted engine will far outlast a gasoline version, without the propane engine will have a much shorter life than the gasoline version.

    The engine will be derated by approx 8%.

    When I asked if there was a brand that converted 'better' than others the answer was, "Honda", interesting since Honda stopped making propane engines some years ago....
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    I remember going over this a few years back and know the valve guides & seat needed to be changed over to harden, but a cylinder liner. Do you mean change the sleeve out of the block?
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    Kawasaki engines are made to run on propane as they have all of the stelite components. This is why they up hold their warranty on proper after market conversions. This covers about 70% of the commercial market mowers. Each year at the Kawasaki update schools they have a one hour segment on propane mowers.
  5. ed2hess

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    They need to work on their oil leaking out of everywhere problems. We got a 17hp converted.
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    I contacted Kawasaki in regards as what was necessary to not void the warranty for a propane conversion. This was the response.

    As long as this is installed professionally it will not void warranty at all. More and more units are coming with Propane systems already installed these days. For more information please contact Enviroguard at 1800-858-3533 thanks.

    I asked Thank you for the prompt reply. Two follow up questions though. 1. Does it have to be an Envirogaurd conversion system? 2. What qualifies as "professionally installed"?

    Thanks again

    The last response was It does not have to be Enviroguard, just advising they are an option, and they can answer any of your more specific propane questions, thanks.

    Anyone have any ideas what "professionally installed" means? Seeing as they would not specify an answer to this question.
  7. Jungle J

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    That is correct. Onyx/ Enviroguard conversion kits are EPA CARB certified and must be installed by a certified mech. We offer certification training and fuel soulutions with our program. We convert mowers as well with these kits. You are going to see many of the major mfg jump on this progream with us by the end of the year.
  8. c2weech

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    Could I get certified myself to do my own conversions? I am not a mechanic but am pretty handy?

  9. djagusch

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    They cannot deny the warranty claim due to you installing it yourself. That is againist the law. If you pushed the issure they would fold. They need to prove it was the conversion that caused the engine failure or your installation.
  10. DR J

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    do not have to be certified to do you own installs by anymeans, only if you are going to sell kits to public.

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