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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by ajlandscaping, Jul 25, 2005.

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    where can you learn how to install sprinklers i would like to make it a part of my business in the future but need to get some experience and learn everything before i get there
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    Honestly, I'd say work for someone that does it. I learned alot about sprinklers form a school district sprinkler guy. He was actaully a lic. plumber before becomming a sprinkler man and his training was mostly OJT as well.
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    AJ, don't try to learn everything before you get there. Then there will be nothing left to learn when you arrive.

    Seriously. A good way to start learning about irrigation is doing an install. I assume by your profile that you probably still live at home. Have your folks buy the materials and you install an irrigation system for them. Make it an anniversary present or some such. You can get a lot of information at a local supply house such as Ewing, John Deere Landscapes, or Century Rain Aid (can't remember who they sold out to.) Talk to some contractors in your area. There is bound to be one that is willing to share their knowledge in the hope that the quality of the industry can improve.

    There are several irrigation manuals out there that are good for text books and reference manuals but not much good for installation techniques. And I think those Sunset books you get at Home Depot/Lowes as well as the Time-Life Home Repair Library are excellent books to gain some valuable knowledge from. They can show you things that no self-respecting professional irrigator would ever do. (Remember everything has a purpose in existance. It may be to serve as a bad example to others.)

    Get your hands on the manufacturer's catalogs also. They are a wealth of information.

    Good luck. Go Get 'Em Tiger.

    Jerry R

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