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Where did you gentlemen get all you knowledge?

I know there is college. No time.

Are there web sites that teach or help teach lawncare? Books you have read?

I read lawnsite and the mags, but dont get much in the arena of lawncare how to's. The "Soil Test" by Kirby is the type of stuff i am looking for. I want to dedicate this winter to learning more than just how to stripe better and which mower is better. I would like to find places to get a "REAL" education without me having to attend some college or something. I know the local community college offers these classes, but only in the spring time. Need i say more on why i cant attend those classes?

Let me know. I am hoping that this thread can become a treasure trove of learning materials.

Heck, at this point i am even thinking of turning to one of Bill's books. (jk bill)

Have a good one yall and thanks for taking the time to help us unejumakated folk.

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Acute-I would like to know stuff like that too. I have landscaping books that are full of facts about PH tests, etc.. No general mowing or trimming etc. books that I have seen. Like how to stipe (beautifuly or Eric Style) and how to edge correctly. Someone of this stuff is a no-brainer but some actually needs some sort of explanation to accomplish. Most of the things I know I either learned here or by my own experiences. I guess the statement "we learn something new everyday" is true. I think that most of learning comes from our own "fiddling" with things. I am constantly trying new striping patterns, the best way to hold your trimmer when edging, whatever. Edging is tough with me 'cuz I'm short and have a curved shaft trimmer so I had to find a good way to do it. I agree that technical things that involve a sort of chemistry or math or whatever that is too difficult to be explained by Joe across the street needs to be in a book. Whenever that book comes out, I'm gettin' a copy.


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Acute Cut

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As always you come through for us. Thank you.

I can not put into words how thankful i am to you for sharing with us little guys these GREAT sites! I have been reading since you posted. This is gonna take WEEKS!

(sniffle, sniffle).......I LOVE YOU MAN!

thanks kirby

Sincerly thankful,
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Our local associations have winter classes given by MSU botnists and such. Perhaps your local association does too.

University extension services also are a great source, especially in the off-season.


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In PA the state (using PSU PHDs from state college)puts on programs thru the county extension agents (there are 67 countys) but you have to be on the mailing list (send a letter to the agents in the counties in your part of the state.

I took a course that was 3 full days over three weeks in the poconos at a resort that cost a whopping $75 that included a buffet lunch every day.

You dont have to be a PA resident to get the deal. They don't check to see if you are a resident.

The PA Turfgrass Council puts on a one day seminar in the winter in Pittsburgh, Phila (2 day king of prussia) and last and least in Wilkes-Barre.

I am going to the Phila meeting this year. Its two days vs. one day and they have a LOT more trade show venders.

The Pa Nurserymans Assoc. Has meetings usually in Allentown,
Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.