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  1. http://www.paturf.org/

    Eastern PA Turf Conference & Trade Show

    Tuesday-Thursday, January 9-11, 2001

    Valley Forge Convention Center

    1200 First Avenue

    King of Prussia, PA 19406

    For information, contact: Nancy Bosold
    Berks County Cooperative Extension
    1238 County Welfare Road
    P.O. Box 520
    Leesport, PA 19533-0520
    Phone: (610) 378-1327

    Michael Smith
    Gulph Mills Golf Club
    300 Swedeland Road
    King of Prussia, PA 19406
    Phone: (610) 828-0253
  2. More cheap education available at the pa turfs 3 day golf conference coming up next month in state college.

    Get this it's only $75 for three days of instruction!!!

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    Our Lesco stores put on an educational day over the winter. It was essentially a commercial put on by the various chemical reps, but none the less, there was much to be learned. Cost was $15 for the all day seminar which included a buffet lunch, and also got me 2 CORE and 4 category credits for my pesticide license.
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    Join your state turfgrass association. They will have many educational meetings throughout the year. In IN, the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation has a winter conference, 3-4 days in Indianapolis, a summer field day at Purdue, where you can bring in samples of problems to be diagnosed by the specialists there, and numerous one day and half day events around the state. MRTF also sponsors a week long intensive turf school in Feb each year, in conjunction with IL turf assn.
    You never know when you will get an answer to a problem or question bugging you. Many times the answer will come from another contractor sitting next to you at a seminar. You simply cannot get educated by a web page as effectively as you can in a group of peers. Lawnsite.com is a rare exception to that idea, because there are few organizations dealing with the details of turf maintenance and equipment that we see here.
    Also check the turf associations in adjoining states. Their conferences and field days will generally not conflict with each other, because these associations often share speakers.
    You will never get enough education to know it all, but you can learn where to get the answer to almost any question you come up against. Make use of state extension specialists. I once spent 30 mins on a call about a question, got shifted to 7-8 different people until I got my answer; this was not a pass the buck deal, my questions were just refined thru each contact until I got to the person who had exactly the knowledge to help me.

    Some state organizations, and a lot of other info, are linked here: http://comp.uark.edu/~karcher/turflinks

    Go here to find your state cooperative extension service: http://www.reeusda.gov/1700/statepartners/usa.htm

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