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    I have built quite a maintenance biz since graduating high school. I don't take on the bigger install stuff for lack of experience with heavy equip...ie skidsteers etc. Sometimes I kick myself because I pass on some large install jobs. While my biz is prospering, i want to get into these larger jobs. How did you learn, did you go to school...OR just get out there and work...? Just curious about some of you experienced guys who run heavy equip??
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    I am wondering the same thing, thinking of working for a bigger landscaping company part time for a summer befor i go and get these big installs.. the pricing and estimates is what i can't do, also if they gave me their budget and said design something I would have a hard time..
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    A foreman of mine once said, "Anybody can run a piece of equipment. But not everybody can operate a piece of equipment".. The biggest thing to learning what you can do with a piece of equipment is TIME.

    I started when I was 18 after graduating high school by attending a Heavy Equipment Operators school at a local community college, Wilson Tech HEO program. . For a year and half while going through their program, I learned the basics of just about every type of equipment. But I soon discovered after going to work for a large contractor that I wasn't as good as I thought I was. But as time went on I was given more and more responsibility. Over the course of a couple of years I went from operating pans and loaders, the easiest jobs on a grade crew with the exception of a roller, to being given the responsibility of finish grade motor grader work, which is the most difficult job on a grading crew.

    But anyway, enough of my story. If you only want to get into Skid Steer work, Id reccomend trying to find a way to get some seat time on one. Getting a job with a company that will let you run one would be the best way. But if you don't wanna take the time for that, perhaps renting one and practicing somewhere will help you get the basics. But only time and practice will have you operating that piece of equipment the way it was meant to be operated...

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    thanks for the reply. I have limited experience in operating skidsteers, but a bit more running tractors. I think i will buy one, practice in the yard, then starting looking for some of the bigger jobs.

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