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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Highpoint, Apr 21, 2001.

  1. Highpoint

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    13 years in business and since the beginning of 2000, I have NO employees!!! BUT, I still have over 12 people working for me. No more govt. crap in the mail every other day, no more paying quarterly taxes, no more paying high Work Comp Ins. I even offer FULL benefits to any employee that wants it. HOW you ask? Employee leasing. For me this is a great great thing! In a nut shell, this company takes all your employees (including yourself) and hires them. Then this company writes the checks, covers the tax issues, covers WC claims, offers a full array of benifits and perks to help you keep your employees. You maintain FULL hire and fire capabilities, training, etc. Nothing changes except now the clecks come from someone else. All you do is call in the payroll at the designated time you set up and then go pick up the checks or have them direct deposited! EASY! Sure there is a small fee for this but we all know how much time we spend filling out govt forms, figuring payroll, talking to WC people if a claim comes up. All this stuff takes away from what you should really be doing and that is making $$$$$. Think about letting someone else take the hassle of running your business and start Running Your business. I am open for questions and I can point you in the right direction if your interested. Bill
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    Is this company nationwide? Also do you have to find the employees and refer them to this service or do they send you guys? And what are the rates... are they per hour or per check. I would assume you pay close to double their hourly wage since I did computer consulting which is kinda the same thing.
  3. cajuncutter

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    jeff you can do this threw a temp agency..any of them that deal in manual labor...send your guy there have him sign up then request for him. Lets say you want to pay him 7 an hour I think the cost is around 1.50 with a grand total of 8.50 an would have to call the different agencies in your area for a price out well and you do not have to worry with WC and claims
  4. LoneStarLawn

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    Nothing really new...there are many payroll services here in our area...Sounds like a sales pitch...
  5. Eric ELM

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    This subject has been brought up several times here and several members use this service. I think it is all bigger towns in the USA. My brother in law went to this at his factory and it saves him a lot of hassle too.
  6. Highpoint

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    Jeff, No this particular company is not nation wide BUT they may be able to service you. You never have to actually meet them. I am sure that there are other companies in other states that do the excat same thing. There are 2 here. One offers the total package of any kind of insurance you need (car,home,health, etc). You can find your own employees or this particular company will run an add in any paper you like. Your name does not appear. Only a simple ad saying "lawncare workers needed, FT or PT. Apply at Moresource" The potential employees goes and fills out a generic application, you get a copy, you decide if you want to contact or throw them away. The rates are figured on the TOTAL invoice for each pay period. I am sure rates will vary BUT they are TINY. This is not like those companies that offer part time employees that you pay the company $12 bucks an hour and the help only gets $6. Here is an example of a recent invoice. Employee 1 gross wages was $100.00. Employee 2 gross wages was $206.00. My invoice amount that I paid out of pocket was $359.48. Total taxes paid on both employees was $30.57. This figures out to be $22.91 that the company made for this transaction. That $22.91 pooled togther with all the other companies involved has made this company millions of dollars. It is worth $22.91 for me not to have to EVER see another piece of govt. bull crap paper again. Worry about a WC claim, etc.. By the way, if there is a WC claim, the company make the employee take a drug test imediatly before any decision is made to pay a claim. I never have to get involved. It's great!
  7. thelawnguy

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    "By the way, if there is a WC claim, the company make the employee take a drug test imediatly before any decision is made to pay a claim."

    Sounds like they are self-insured. So when a major problem arises, who is going to walk away leaving who holding the bag?
  8. Highpoint

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    The employee is NOT my employee, I am completly out of the loop. Sure if the investigator finds fault with my equipment their might be a situation arise but no more than if the other company was not involved. The company has over 4000 employees. they get a much better rate than the small guy.
  9. LoneStarLawn

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    Oh so they pay the employees wages...if you pay their wages they are your employees....they are just taking care of all paperwork, taxes, wc...but your are still paying for all that.
  10. Highpoint

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    I call in the wages, They figure the taxes, etc. and write the checks with THEIR name on the check. They send me a bill or invoice. I pay the invoice. They are considered a Vender. I am their Client.

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