Leasing Mowers for the season??!?!?!

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by cuttin-to-the-Max, Feb 18, 2011.

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    i don't see why you would lease a major piece of equipment you need season after season, job after job.

    you would be much better off buying one.

    i could see leasing something to try it out or if my piece of equipment was down, or for a job that wasn't going to be a long term job. but beyond that i'd just buy it.

    if i got hired for an account where i needed a larger mower than what i own but the job was only going to be for a couple of months or just one season. i could see leasing a larger mower.

    or if was thinking about offering bed edging as a service i could lease a bed edger to see if i really want to offer that service. or to help me decide what kind of bed edger i want.

    some guys hold onto there equipment forever though. really getting there money's worth on buying it. some keep the equipment till it literally falls apart.
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    ItÂ’s all done and said well done :drinkup::drinkup:

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