Leasing mowers??

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by okeefl, Jan 27, 2007.

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    hahaha sorry I corrected the post above.

    I'm not thinking about mowers yet, I'm buying an RV and just messed up on my payments .
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    Ok, I see the correction and that seems a lot better. Do you know the cost of that mower if you paid cash for it the day you bought it? I'm just curious how it compares overall.
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    I usually don't offer any of the lease programs to my customers unless they want to pay promo price. Lease programs cost Dealers more and is much more paperwork then financing. So it is harder for a dealer to give you a better price. I had a guy who wanted to buy a Navigator yesterday. I asked him how he was looking to pay. He said he might finance it, but he could cut a check. I told him, if he pays cash, i'll extend a 2 percent discount because that's what the finance plan was going to cost me. That 200 bucks savings could be put toward a new trimmer or hand blower. Or a ballgame with the kids. Very rare that guys have 11k in their account to just drop, especially when the weather has been so fair around here and many guys aren't plowing or salting.

    Most people just finance it.

    All depends on how you want your finances to look. Talk to your accountant on what is right for you. .

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