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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ron mexico75, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. ron mexico75

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    So I'm finally going to buy a new blower. Been on the fence for about a year or longer it seems like. I have an Echo which is about 11 years old. Has been great to me. I did put a new carb in it about a year or so ago. I just need something with more power for leaf jobs in addition to my push blower.

    I thought I was 100% set on the Echo 770. Found an amazing price on it and was getting ready to order in the next week or 2. Came across a thread on here about carb adjustment issues on Echo blowers that were a year or less old. How it was a PITA because of the new EPA laws and the little removable plugs and special tools needed unless you were willing to use a sheet metal screw to get the plug out etc.

    Well I ended up coming across the Husqvarna line of blowers. When I think of Husqvarna I think of maybe chainsaws or lawn tractors you see at Lowes/HD. I don't think of backpack blowers you would invest in for your business. After reading online and I think a thread or 2 on here, the users who are using them have raved about them. The specs between the one Im looking at the 580BTS and the Echo 770 are pretty different. Bigger fuel tank, more cc's and more cfm in the pipe all on the Husqvarna. Its about $60 more then the Echo but it seems you're getting a little more. The one thing it lacks is the cooling fan on your back but I think I can live without that.

    Now the rep I spoke to said the Redmax and the Husqvarna come off the same exact assembly line an factory so they are pretty much the same blower overall with some difference obviously. I have also read that the Redmax 8500 is a very nice reliable blower too. He said the 8500 Redmax and the 580 Husqvarna are virtually the same. Is that true? I don't know.

    I want to get some opinions from people on here and people who are familiar with what I'm talking about.

    I also would like to see what your opinions are regarding the 2 I am considering. The Echo 770 or the Husqvarna 580BTS. I have been an Echo user for around 11 years and have not been let down. In fact, I bout a new trimmer last year, Echo SRM 266T and have been happy with it.

    Getting ready to spend around $500, I want to make sure Im making a good choice. I want to stay 2 stroke and not move to 4. That's why Stihl has not been mentioned. Just personal preference that's all.

    Can you guys help me out?
  2. nnusskern

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    I have the echo 770 for about a month now. Used it for about 4 hoursso far and it works great. Easy starting and very powerful.
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  3. Darryl G

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    There are a couple of threads on here in just the last couple days discussing these 2 blowers so I'm not going to go into details here except to say that the 8500 and 580 are pretty much the same except that the 580 has a different harness system that includes waist and chest straps, the air filter cover attachment is different and I think they have different fuel tanks.




  4. Brules

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    I am in the same boat as you and am looking closely at the Husq 570, & Echo 770. I am leaning strongly towards the Husq 570BTS as it fits me well, I like the air filter better, the straps make the unit fit better and it has enough MPH/CFM to move my 2-3' deep piles of leaves.

    I eliminated the Stihl, as I spoke with 2 of my local dealers and both said "Yes, you will need to do a valve adjustment at some point". So it is off my list.....

    After trying on both, I think the Husq is more comfortable, and the beast of a filter that is easy to change out give it a leg up in my opinion for my needs.

    I will be buying on in the next 10 days as the leaves are starting to fall!
  5. lawns Etc

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    The Stihl valve adjustment is 15-30 minutes topps only needs doing once after 25 or so hours.
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  6. Ridin' Green

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    OP- The Husky's have a back cooling system as well, and it works too.

    Darryl has alreay posted a bunch of useful links for anyone here to read, but I will just say that I have ran both the Echo 770 and then the 570, and I bought the 570. It may have similar specs on paper, but it is a different story out in the field. It blows harder than the 770.

    Not correct. Its right in all their manuals- 139 hours or as needed.
    No one should be put off by the valve adjustment on the Stihl. It is a one time thing, and for many guys, it won't need to be done for a couple/few years. They recomment doing it at 139 hours, or as needed, meaning if the machine starts getting hard to start or running sluggishly.
  7. kawasaki guy

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    I love my Kawasaki Backpack. I have the KRB650B. Great power, and comfort.

  8. ron mexico75

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    Much appreciated Darryl. Im reading through the links now. I thought I stumbled upon some new blower that nobody else knew of. Apparently this Husky is becoming a real player with the other big ones.
  9. hi_speedreed

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    i have the 570bfs, i just videoed myself blowing off an outdoor basketball court that was covered with old wet leaves. i will upload when i get home
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  10. lawns Etc

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    I have several dealers who all say the Stihl blowers just need one adjustment at around 30 hrs or so. One and done. I'm an owner who has had all the name brand equipment and no the Br blowers aren't the most powerful but they are super comfortable and start easier than anything else. But the Trimmers leave a lot to be desired.
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