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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ron mexico75, Oct 3, 2012.

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    The dealers are either stupid and doing a disservice to their customers, or you just misunderstood them.

    Go to page 28 of the operators manual for the 500/550/600-


    It says the same thing in all 4 mix manuals regardless of which machine it is.
  2. Jimslawncareservice

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    I have had my 770 well over a year now. Gets used daily. Never a problem. Nothing ever adjusted. Starts on one or two pulls in any weather and one when its warm. I also have a br600 mag I bought in s pinch last fall. It sits and collects dust until I need it again
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    I'm just posting my experience with them. I know well what the manual says.
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  4. chagh2.0

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    I started out with all echo stuff stayed with them for 3 years and went to all stihl Now I use redmax 7500 blowers. I still have the echo blower I started with as well as a couple of br600. so this is how I see it

    echo they got alot of nut but not to reliable
    stihl reliable not very comfy good on gas
    redmax powerful comfy bad on gas and so so for being reliable they don't like the cold.
  5. ron mexico75

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    Well, you all make some interesting points. What I have learned is that it might be better if I get the 570 instead of the 580 if in fact I choose the Husqvarna over the Echo 770.

    Maybe I can demo both? I know the Husky dealer said they have a 580 I can try.

    Im just a little nervous possibly moving away from a brand that Ive been familiar with for over 10 years.
  6. Darryl G

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    I had been a dedicated Shindaiwa fan since 2002 when I started my business. I wanted to buy the biggest/baddest backpack blower I could find as a clean-up only machine. I wasn't really concerned with weight or fuel consumption...I just wanted something that would reduce the time and effort it takes to do my fall cleanups.

    I have a lot of large, heavily wooded properties and every year I'd run myself into the ground trying to get them all cleaned up before winter set in. What seemed to wear me out the most was pushing/pulling my 10 HP Billy Goat wheel blower around, so I wanted something that would limit the need for it. I was leaning toward the Shindaiwa 802, but my dealer didn't stock them and I had heard from multiple sources that they really weren't much more powerful than the EB630s I was running. I didn't want a 4 stroke unit so checked out and demo'd the 770. I really liked it and probably would have bought if if I hadn't walked into my rental yard and seen a new Husky 580 on a shelf. They had actually bought it for use as a rental. After determining that it was the essentially the Redmax 8500 that many here had highly praised, I went back and bought it. I had wanted to check out the 8500 but there are no Redmax dealers near me.

    This is getting a bit long-winded so I'll try to wrap this up...brevity is not my strong suit though, lol. The 580 has power to spare for most uses. I usually have it throttled down to 75 to 85% or so because you just can't move your feet and arm fast enough to really use all of it's power, not for any length of time anyway. But when you need that extra power to blow sticks, heavy wet leaves, walls of leaves, drainage ditches, blow leaves into the woods/brush, it's great to have it. I will literally blow firewood-sized pieces of wood and light brush and all but eliminates the need for a wheel blower. I stopped even loading my Billy Goat about half way through the season. But it is a big, , bulky, heavy and loud blower, though surprisingly comfortable due to it's waist belt and chest strap. Where it does not excel is when scouring stuck leaves in dense/long grass due to it's relatively short tube and fairly dispersed air flow. I bought an extra intermediate tube to add some length and concentrate the flow better for such cases. The flat high velocity nozzle that comes with it is pretty much unusable because you just can't hold the tube it has so much power. They sell an accessory handle so you can two-hand it, but it's almost $100 for that and it seems silly to have to 2 hand a blower tube to me.

    What I didn't expect was that I'd be using it on my mowing route. You'd think it would be overkill for that, yet both my Son and I grab the 580 over my EB630s every time when out mowing. It saves so many steps being able to blow off pavement and clumps/winrows on lawns from a distance. I can literally blow pavement from 25 to 30 feet away with the extra tube on, a bit less without it. Blowing out under my truck and trailer is no longer a process the way it used to be...just give it a blast and it's clean under there.

    If you're looking for a Tim the Toolman Taylor type blower, the 580 is it. If you want something small, quiet and light, look elsewhere. As far as the weight, it only bothers me when I'm walking up steep hills...it doesn't create a comfort issue for me as far as carrying it, just that it's a load to lug up hills.

    Hopefully this helps with your decision.
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  7. ron mexico75

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    Wow Darryl, what a write up! Greatly appreciated that and all those links from yesterday. Have you used the 570? Im thinking with what you said about the tube and how powerful it is, the 580 might be overkill. I never thought I would say the word overkill while discussing power!
  8. Brules

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    From everything I have read, it seems the 570 may be a bit better at getting wet stuck leaves up. I am going with a 570 as for me the 580 seems like overkill.
  9. orangemower

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    OK, with that statement, I think we need to call you out and have you post a YT video of you blowing firewood sized pieces of wood off the lawn. :clapping:
  10. Darryl G

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    I have never seen let alone operated a 570. Ridin' Green seems to be the local authority here on that unit. There are number of users here who have the Redmax equivalent (7500) of the 570 and they seem to like it.


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