Leave the money in a brown paper bag

rain man

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Maybe its me but...

"Manufacturer" doesn't sell to the public. I don't know why but thats just the way it is and you're not allowed to ask.

"Manufacturer" has "dealers" instead....who sell all types of trailers....think of them as non-dedicated "dealers"....or outlets.

If you order your trailer from the "manufacturer" who does not sell to customers...you will put $500.00 in an unmarked brown paper bag...and leave it under the oak tree at the stroke of midnight. More instructions to follow soon.

While you're at the "dealer"....you might also find a good deal on a box spring mattress. Bicycles half price on Tuesday. Go on Friday however, thats the day the trailer guy works.

The "dealer" does sell to the public on Fridays but he only has one trailer in stock and its on consignment. You will need to "order one up". I prefer the term "wrangle one up" but thats just me. Unmarked bills. Small denominations.

But its all good because I'm fixin' to wrangle one up. Hope the drop goes well.