Leaves are coming..best blades??


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Hey guys, as i read on other post from years ago high lift blades are the way to go for leaves clean up. Since fall is almost upon us i was wondering what would be the best high lift blade to put on my Scag Vride 52'' for most efficient clean up, as there are blow outs and have to do many passes to get all the leaves. I'm in northern Illinois. Any suggestions would be appreciated


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Gators are good even when bagging leaves? i've always heard they work best when mulching
Don't bag so am not sure. Nice thing about gators is reducing the size of the leaves/clippings. Smaller pieces means more volume in the bagger.

Gators don't always have the same lift as standard hi-lifts. Wavy munchers have even less lift but also less blowout.

I run an anti-blowout baffle on my mowers which helps with that issue.


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I have never been happy with high lifts for leaves.

All spring and summer I run G5's doubled with a High lift. Gives me small clippings, and great lift/stripes. But if I get to close to leaves and such, there is a decent amount of blowout from the deck.

In a few weeks I will switch over to my fall leaf setup. I run a G5 doubled with a regular gator blade. Shreds leaves great, while still leaving a great cut and less blowout.

Andrew H

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Don’t use a mower for fall cleanups,
Use blowers and a billy goat...
In my experience, gator blades don’t work well with the toro/ exmark bagging system.


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Going to double up some blades I have on an older scag manual blade engagement for properties that want every week or 2 service, got the other stuff sitting