Leaves catching mowers on fire...

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rclawn, Dec 14, 2017.

  1. rclawn

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    Does anyone have a solution? The way we do leaf removal is by going with a blower and blowing out all fences, decks, landscape beds etc. Then take Wright Stander (g6 mulch blades) and keep going in circles getting smaller each time. Final pass with the blower to get the mulched leaves in the middle then we rake onto a tarp and bag.

    Really efficient. I’m talking $300 leaf removal in like an hour solo, less with helper. Only problem is, you have to do this with the mower in reverse. Yes... If you do it forward and the leaves pile up, it will catch the exhaust on fire. And a leaf plow won’t work because that would defeat the purpose of mulching... Any other options?
  2. sjessen

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    Making a pass with the deck in transport mode helps some.
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  3. weeze

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    i've never had any issues with leaves catching on fire in forwards or reverse and i've done it when the leaves were a foot thick. if really thick i go over them in transport height all the way up to chop them up and then go back over them with the deck at 2.5". i never bag or tarp anything. i just mulch them up and then spread them out with the mower until they disappear into the lawn.

    we don't get anywhere near $300 for leaf jobs here. you get about the same price as mowing the grass maybe a tad more if you are lucky.
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  4. sjessen

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    The engines on standers are over the deck making it easy for leaves to get on the muffler.

    The op might rig up some sort of leaf guard for the future.
  5. weeze

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    ahhh true :eek: ...... use a ztr instead.

    on a walkbehind you could pop a wheelie and do it that way. i dunno about standers.
  6. ltdlawn

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    IMG_1639.JPG Leaf rig I was using earlier today... lol it funny but works.
    It's a bagster strap ran around the velke. I make one pass with grasspacker off and grassflap down mulching them up a bit. Then throw the grass packer and bagster on as it fills just dump it in bagster and keep going once done haul it up front or to the truck.
    Only time I've caught leaves on fire was pushing large piles... exhilarating to say the least.
  7. rclawn

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    C461E8D8-7054-4AAF-99FC-F3B995F36C4D.jpeg A68FD5E4-FD44-496B-851E-7887106AE7FC.jpeg These are large piles. Here’s an example of a backyard today where we would have definitely caught on fire if not in reverse. Also, worth noting that we have not had rain in several weeks.
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  8. dKoester

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    I would never let the leaves accumulate that much around your fan. Not a good thing. Your engine can overheat.
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  9. oqueoque

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    Can you put some chicken wire, or pipe insulation if it can take that much heat, around the areas that are hot to stop the leaves from contacting the heat? Might need a fire extinguisher on the mower also. And as sjessen suggested we make our 1st pass at the highest height, which is transport.
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  10. ltdlawn

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    LOL I knew someone in here would bust me down on that. It was cleaned right after pic...
    Its like taking a pic of stripes before you blow off, somebody has to point it out.
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