Leaves from Hell


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Anyone ever encounter a Ginko tree? I've been doing cleanups all week with no problems. Mulching what I can and tarping the rest onto the trailer. Half way through a two acre job I was stopped dead in my tracks by four inches of Ginko leaves. I have a 60" Lazer EPS dedicated to mulching and nothing seems to stop this machine. Ten feet into the first pass under the tree I looked back to see a disgusting site. I had mulched the leaves into a thick green paste. No problem, I went to the trailer and got the 48" Lazer HP with ultra-vac. Came back and only got 20 feet before the same thing happened while bagging. My question is, has anyone ever encountered a Ginko and how did you deal with it? This tree dropped all of its leaves last week. Some are still green. Should I wait until they dry up or just rake and tarp them?


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Gingko's are very thick and fibrous. It is almost impossible to mow them, as you have seen. We usually take off the bag, mow in circles shooting the debris inward until we have as small a circle without shooting stuff all over then just rake it up. It's the only way unless the customer doesn't mind having yellow tracks all over.


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I ran in to the same thing last week. It looked like all the leaves fell off in one day or so, but like u said green
paste I just raked then up. But the funny thing is this ladys yard is about 1 acre and full of trees, she acts like
after you do the job no more leaves should fall from a tree.
I spent a whole day over there and hired someone to help me
because i could tell she was mad because I was trying to let as many leaves fall before cleanup. She was on a year round deal for 300.00 a mth. But then she said she wonted
me to charge by the job and come 2 times a mth, since the grass is quit growing. So I went back 2 days before Thanksgiving to make it look good for the holiday, stayed there 6 hours mulching leaves and blowing off driveway .
Sent her the bill for 200.00 and she freaked out saying that that was to high,said she had a black man rake leaves last year for 70.00, which im sure he was running a legit business and had overhead. It just pissed me off and its one of them things u cant get off your mind.

sorry i got off the subject



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I think one very important issue in this business is to sometimes explain to these people the benefits of having a real professional do the work vs a "scrub". Including the insurance bit etc. Im sorry also for changing the subject but for some reaon i feel for those who have been underbid by the "neighborhood landscaper", as i have been myself. The only way for me to vent is to thoroughly explain the biz and help them (the client) understand what could possibly happen in the event of an unfortunate mishap...

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