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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Elliott, Jun 20, 2009.

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    Seeing the other leaf thread got me to thinking. I'm really just getting back into this after being out for over 12 years. Instead of working for someone else, I'll be working for myself. I've seen the Billy Goat lawn vacuums, does anybody have any experience with them. I saw a used one the other day, can't remember the price, but thought it was decent. When looking at a used one what problems should I be looking for? I'm ready to get back into this, but I don't have a ton of money to throw at this, thus my reasoning for going this route till I am able to upgrade.


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    Around here most guys run em over with a mower set up for mulching and then swap over to a bagger and pick up the clippings, much faster than any walk behind. I own a Billy Goat and we only use it for small jobs. It does a great job but is very very slow.

    Last fall I saw a guy using a lawn sweeper (tow behind) He'd already mulched the leaves and was picking it up with the sweeper..... customer must have had a dumping area in the back of the property otherwise a sweeper would be a waste of time as you'd still have to dump the thing and then bag the leaves.

    On small yards some guys just blow them into a pile and then rake them onto tarps... pull the tarp up onto the trailer, dump the leaves and start over.

    Biggest problem down here is pine straw.... can't blow it, most baggers won't pick it up and the ones that do do so poorly that it has to be raked and bagged by hand.

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    my helper blows them out of the bushes while i chop them with the mower. then we use the WB blower and the backpack to move to the truck to load or to make piles that we tarp to the truck

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