Leaves in Mulch

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnmowingboys, Oct 22, 2004.

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    What is the best method of getting the leaves out of mulch and flower beds that are next to house or building? The ones that get stuck behind shrubs and other bushes.

    I have a back pack blower, Echo 650, and I can't swivel the direction of the air like I can with a small hand held blower. I currently use the hand held as a leaf vac.

    Should I 1:) Vac leaves or 2:) Blow with a hand held blower?

    What do you do?


    the lawn mowING BOYS

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    You can feel like you're playing "pinball" with the leaves in these beds. I usually have the rake handy, do a combination of blowing out and raking. A lot of leaves get stuck around the base of the plants, and when you hit them with the blower they go in every direction.

    Also, the skinny rakes are great for reaching inbetween tight areas.
  3. z_clark

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    I second the skinny rake! Always blow like all heck first though.
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    I use my Homelite blower/vac for sucking the leaves out. Especially in mulch beds as my blower will kick out as much of the mulch as the leaves, even if I don't touch the throttle and just let it idle.

    Homelite you say?!?! Yep. It's what I started out our business with, I have since upgraded to a commercial backpack. But I'll say this, that dang Homelite blower/vac has come in very handy for sucking up leaves in landscaping and it works great for sucking up all the debris left after pruning jobs...a real back saver.


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    yup, works, your gonna blow mulch out but you vac that up w/your bagger on your mower! i dont get them all but customer doesnt mind, if they want to pay 40. hr i will get them all.leaves are good business as it adds 3-4 cuts to the season

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