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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TGramstorff, Oct 14, 2008.

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    Hey guys. So I have been doing this for about 8 years now, and this time of year I always have the same feelings about the lawns. There are too many leaves to mow, but not enough to charge for a clean up. I need to come up with some standard that says we mow it, or not. For instance if the judgment is that we will take away x many extra barells, or if we are going to spend x amount of time there, then we will do a clean up...or leave it for a clean up when there are more leaves down. I am in MA does anyone else have a system for this time of year just before cleanups start?

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    I feel the same way. I would be interested in hearing how others handle this.
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    I only do cleanups for mowing customers. If a mowing customer doesnt hire me for a cleanup and im still mowing the leaves just get chopped up and thrown around. If they are a cleanup customer the bagger goes on and the yard gets a cleanup evry week. It only helps me when the real clean ups begin.
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    Yeah that about sums it up and if I feel like im doing to much... I keep that in mind while im billing for clean-ups. I have it in my contract though that clean-ups are done automatically unless the customer requests not to have it...
  5. I'm trying to get away from one big clean up. Seems if I try to wait 'till all of the leaves are down it's just one big chore. The leaves on the bottom are wet, they're stuck under the shrubs. It's more work than it ought to be.
    Today I blew out the beds and put the mulch plate on the mower. If I can mow/mulch leaves 3 times I have none to haul away. And the lawns look pretty good.
    I just keep the mowing schedule going after the grass quits growning, so I figure I'm not loosing money. Just doing it different.
    If I get behind because it rained or something I go back to the fall cleanup.
    I think you have more leaves to deal with than I do. But this is working for me.
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    Like David said, blow perimiters and beds suck it all up weekly, plus there is little to no weed wacking this time of year. Also if there is an early snow you can charge part of clean-up, and the cust. houses look good weekly.
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    That is exactly why we don't have any of those massive cleanup ...we mulch them constantly. And if there is some build up we take the Walker in and bag them up and the customer is never aware we even did that. It just isn't worth arguing with a regular customer. Now if they don't want you to continue mowing then I guess they pay for the big cleanups. These big mowers can mulch up a bunch with the massive motors.

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